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Date: April 27, 2014
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Theatre Rental


Brooklyn Center is proud of its long tradition of involvement with the Brooklyn Community by way of offering the Walt Whitman Theatre for rental at very attractive rates, making it an ideal gathering and performance space for small community, civic and cultural groups. Over the years the Center has been a home to a variety of community events from neighborhood dance school recitals to the NYC Police Academy Graduations to Town Meetings to Church Gospel Choral performances, as well as the graduation ceremonies of a majority of our Brooklyn high schools.

Our rental rates are contingent upon the type of show or meeting that is contemplated, but whatever the event, our full staff of highly skilled professionals will help you "nurse" your performance from the drawing board to full realization and at extremely competitive prices. The Center has been praised by many producers (most of whom return year after year) as one of the friendliest, most helpful of any venue to produce a show, on either side of the Hudson.

For more information about rental rates for our facilities and staff, please call Mr. Richard Grossberg directly and he will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Richard Grossberg: General Manager and Director -- 718-951-5000 x3317


The following technical documents are provided so that you can evaluate Brooklyn Center for the Performing Arts as a possible venue for your production. Please contact us with any additional questions.

CLICK HERE for information on the technical specifications of Walt Whitman Theatre


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